Call for track proposals (EXPIRED)

The 2019 ISCRAM conference continues the long-running tradition of inviting proposals for tracks to be held during the conference. These tracks can be based on tracks from previous ISCRAM conferences or can be new tracks which address cutting-edge topics of interest to the ISCRAM community.

Tracks will be used to encourage and streamline the submission of papers, position, and market ISCRAM in the respective scientific domain and provide a structure to the conference program. As a track chair, you will be responsible for promoting your track, soliciting paper submissions, and facilitating the reviewing process.  

Notes about this year’s call for track proposals:
    • Traditional Tracks:  ISCRAM relies on highly experienced track chairs, with long histories of running successful tracks.  It is our goal to honor the investment of those track chairs and to support historically successful tracks.
    • New Tracks & New Track Chairs:  We also strongly encourage innovation and forward thinking by inviting inclusion of new tracks.  Even if you are new to the ISCRAM community, if you are early career, etc., if you have an idea for a compelling track you are strongly encouraged to apply: your proposal will be given equal weight in the review of the track proposals.  You can consider including an experienced track co-chair, but it is not required.
    • Interactive Tracks:  We encourage more interactive track formats.  Track chairs interested in an alternative presentation format should carefully describe how this format would be operationalized.  These may include small panels, paper round-tables, small code-a-thon, problem focused formats that include government and/or industry partners.  Alternative formats must use traditional papers as the foundation for the track, but how the information from the papers is presented can be modified.  The operational description must be both convincing for the track review and approval process and clear enough that authors understand what to expect.
    • Inclusion of  Industry: Over the history of ISCRAM, significant inclusion of local and international governmental bodies has informed our work.  Large industry partners have been less represented in our publications and attendees. Tracks that create specific appeal for industry, include industry representation (e.g. as track co-chairs), or otherwise emphasize inter-disciplinary work that spans to industrial application will be looked upon favorably.
    • Promoting Diversity and Early Career Track Co-Chairs:  Historically, ISCRAM’s level of international representation and commitment to inclusion, and promotion of young researchers into key roles in the organization has made ISCRAM a vibrant community of scholars.  We would like you as track chairs to continue to be intentional about the process of selecting co-chairs that include advanced graduate students, post-docs, individuals from under-represented nations, and gender balance.  By providing supervised co-chair experience, these individuals have been promoted into key roles in ISCRAM, elected to the board, etc.
    • Integrity of track content:  Unless a track has a very small number of papers – not enough to reasonably fill at least one session, the track chair will be “in charge” of the track and serve as the facilitator/time-keeper at the conference.  In the rare situations where a very small number of papers is received, these papers may be combined with other tracks or moved to the open track. We will inform and discuss the situation with the track chair before the conference.

As for the track topic, please choose it in a way that a sufficient number of submissions can be allocated. You can find a list of tracks of previous editions of the ISCRAM conference at


  1. If you are a past track chair of one of the listed possible track topics and are interested in serving again as a track chair, contact to confirm your interest. Alternately, the ISCRAM 2019 program committee co-chairs may contact you to confirm your interest in serving as a track chair again.
  2. If you are interested in organizing a track topic that has not been covered in earlier editions, we recommend you to first contact the program co-chairs to inquire about the relevance of your track topic idea to the conference. After receiving confirmation that your track topic idea is a relevant fit to the ISCRAM 2019 conference, fill out the track/special session template.
  3. Email the completed track proposal to


  • Track proposals submission extended deadline: July 13, 2018
  • Notification of decision: July 23, 2018