List of tracks in previous editions

Analytical Modeling and Simulation
Case studies and reflections from practice
Crisis research methods and modeling approaches
Collaborative and intelligent systems
Command and Control
Community Engagement & Healthcare Systems
Crisis planning, training, exercising, and gaming
Cyber Security
Data fusion, representation, and visualization
Decision support systems and judgment
Decentralized and Self-Organizing IT-Infrastructures for Crisis Response and Management
Designing for Resilience
Disaster risk reduction, risk management, ad-hoc, and sensor networks
Drinking Water Security Management
Early warning systems
Education and training
Emerging Topics
Ethical, legal and social issues related to IS in crisis management
Even driven techniques and methods for crisis management
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Globalization and development issues
Healthcare and health information systems
HCI for Emergencies
Human Centered Design and Evaluation
Humanitarian operations
Humanitarian technology (UAV, Robotics…)
Impact of Disasters on Industry and Economic Effects
Information Coordination between Heterogeneous Emergency and Relief Agencies
Information systems strategy
Intelligent Decision Support in the Networked Society
Intelligent systems and Artificial Intelligence
Innovations in Research Methods
Knowledge management and systems
Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Crisis Response
Methods for Mitigating Information Overload
Modelling and simulation
Network Theory
Observation Systems in Crisis Situations
Ontologies for Crisis Management
Planning, Foresight and Risk Analysis
 Public Engagement and Participation in Handling Crises and Recovery
Practitioner Cases And Practitioner-centered Research
Researching Crisis: Methodologies
Serious Gaming
Social Media for Crisis management
Systems interoperability information systems infrastructures
Trust in Emergency Planning and Response
Understanding Collaborative Work Practices
Universal Design of ICT in Emergency Management
Virtual teams and organizations
Visual Analytics for Crisis Management
Wireless sensor networks emergency responses
Open track