The 1st Paella Workshop

Paella has been the flagship of Valencia’s gastronomy for centuries, and its fame has made it join the  Hall of Fame of world’s cuisine, along with Pizza, Sushi, and a few more.  This is undoubtedly a fact to celebrate,  and valencian people are proud of it. However, we also feel some restlessness when seeing how, too often, restaurants around the world serve rice dishes they call ‘Paella’, but have little or no relationship at all with the genuine, original recipe. This was our claim at ISCRAM 2018 Gala Dinner in Rochester.

Hosting ISCRAM 2019 in Valencia gives us the chance to demonstrate how our claim about the uniqueness of the ‘Paella Valenciana’, and make you its ambassadors worldwide. With this aim, we have organized a culinary event that will introduce you to the secrets of the paella empirically. The ISCRAM 2019 Paella Workshop is a unique opportunity to discover the cultural and culinary aspects of the most universal dish of Spanish cuisine.

The workshop attendees will collaborate in the preparation and further tasting of a Paella in a relaxed atmosphere after three days of work at ISCRAM. You will not be alone: the paella preparation process will be supervised by one of the world class experts in Paella Valenciana: Rafael Vidal and his team at the Restaurante Levante in Benissanó, a small village close to Valencia. Mr. Vidal has a lifetime experience in preparing outstanding paellas, having advised world-class chefs like José Andrés, who is having a big success preparing paellas at his Jaleo Restaurants in Las Vegas, Washington DC, and other cities.