Call for workshop proposals (Expired)


The aim of this track is to allow researchers, technologists, practitioners as well as the representatives from funding agencies to host a dedicated session on the specific, emerging topics for crisis management and related technologies.

Your intended contributions can be following (we also welcome other innovative ideas to make an engaging workshop experience for the attendees):


Type Description
❏    Hands-on session or tutorials for techniques related to crisis management Specific technical advancement such as GIS or Machine Learning or Big Data Analytics or Blockchains or AI for crisis management.

[Requirement: should engage participants]

❏    Practitioner-researcher task co-design and validation session


Personalized rapid prototyping and evaluation with the help of practitioners
❏    Dialogue between practitioners and researchers Dialogue between practitioners and researchers on specific topics focused on information needs of responders


❏    Research grant accountability of practical research impact Different government agencies interested in accountability and evaluation processes of research on crisis management


❏    Assistive technologies for underrepresented groups Understanding the design requirements and demonstration of technologies for public with special needs such as disabled, seniors, children, etc.



Deadline for submission: Oct 25, 2018

Workshop CFP announcement: Nov 15, 2018

Workshop paper deadline: Feb 10, 2019

Workshop paper acceptance notification: Mar 10, 2019



Please submit your proposal using this template.


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