Candidacy Submission (deadline expired)

Declarations of candidacy must be submitted here by Thursday May 2nd, 2019

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the ISCRAM Board of Directors. The ISCRAM Board is at the heart of keeping ISCRAM alive and relevant to both members and the world for years to come and ensures that Association business is conducted in accordance with law and members’ wishes.

For further information about the election process or the 2019 Elections, please see the ISCRAM Elections webpage or email the 2019 Election Chair, Hossein Baharmand.


To stand for election, you must

  1. Be an Active member of ISCRAM
    1. Association and Honorary memberships do not confer Active membership rights
    1. Be fully paid up on 2019-20 membership dues
    1. If you have not yet joined the ISCRAM Association, you can apply for membership here. Note that your membership must be approved formally by the ISCRAM General Assembly, and your election would be contingent on approval of membership.
  2. Submit the following materials below (link to standalone form)
    1. Short bio (2000 characters)
    1. Recent photograph
    1. Statement of intent (2000 characters)
    1. Relationship to ISCRAM (1500 characters)


The term of service is 2 years, which starts immediately upon appointment at the May 24 General Assembly. An individual may serve for at most 3 consecutive terms.

Board membership is an honor as well as a responsibility. As a working board, all members are expected to take an active role in ISCRAM operations, including:

  • Participate in a monthly 90-minute Skype meeting
  • Take active responsibility for one area or activity, e.g.,
    • Join the Executive Team as President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer
    • Chair a standing committee such as Membership, Publications, etc.
    • Chair an ad hoc committee
  • Attend at least one 2-day in-person Board meeting, either in the USA of Europe (expenses can be reimbursed)


There are 4 seats open on the 2019-2021 ISCRAM Board of Directors. This will result in a Board of 10 members for 2019-20.

The current ISCRAM Board members are (* term expiring or stepping down):

  • Marcos Borges (2018-2020) President
  • Caroline Rizza (2017-2019) * Vice-President
  • Ilona Heldal (2017-2019) * Secretary
  • Bart van Leeuwen (2018-2020) Treasurer
  • Frédérick Bénaben (2018-2020)   
  • Victor Bañuls (2018-2020) 
  • Kees Boersma (2018-2020) 
  • Stephen Fortier (2017-2019) *
  • Hans Jochen Scholl (2017-2019) *
  • Fiona McNeill (2018-2020)

Note that there will no longer be seats reserved for Practitioner representatives. The ISCRAM Board is developing an alternative strategy for ensuring a Practitioner voice in Association governance, however, Practitioners wishing to join the Board of Directors are strongly encouraged to stand for general election.


  • All materials must be submitted by Thursday, May 2nd for candidacy to be considered
  • You should receive immediate confirmation of your receipt of your materials. Please contact the election chairs if you do not to do receive confirmation within 24 hours.

You will receive notification of approval of your candidacy by Monday, May 6.